Educational outreach

All Fancifool! shows come with free educational workshops and community-building programming!

Fancifool! workshops

Workshops can be customized for ages K-12, more advanced programming for University Students, as well as programming for senior citizens and assisted living facilities!

Choose your favorite subjects from our workshop menu!

workshop menu

Peruse Ananda Bena-Weber's teaching CV to learn more about her 26 years of teaching in schools and Universities throughout the US and abroad!

teaching CV

Community-building discussions

Talks facilitated by clown characters bring people together in ways that are educational and fun!

Artist Residencies

You can combine shows for adults, shows for kids, and educational outreach to create your own custom Artist Residency! Residencies can range from a few days, to a couple of weeks, to 1 month long! Celebrate your residency with a culminating performance by the students!