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Ananda Bena-Weber is committed to helping you advertise Fancifool! programming to maximize audience attendance and quality of experience. When you purchase Fancifool! programming, Ms. Bena-Weber will make herself available to you for television and radio interviews, in-person promotion at libraries and community centers, social media outreach, grant writing assistance and more! Let us know what we can do to help us bring this quality programming into your community!

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From Presenters:

“Ananda’s delightfully whimsical and creative show leaves you uplifted and believing in the goodness of humanity.”

Marisa DelMonaco,  Massage Therapist and owner, Mountain Therapeutics, Redding CT, MCT board member

“Refreshing prerformance. Ananda brings her charm, wit and wisdom to her one-of-a kind show.”

Abby Walker, Executive Producer, Michael Chekhov Theatre Festival

“A one-woman show that encompasses all aspects of theater. It was a knock out performance.”

Jeffery Albanesi, Marketing Director Argento Vivo, NYC, MCT Board member

“Thoughtful and warmhearted. Ananda Bena Weber moves fluidly and joyfully keeping audiences enthralled.”

Hamilton Clancy , Artistic Director, Michael Chekhov Theatre Festival and AD The Drilling Company , Manhattan

"You can feel the pain, love, joy, and memories of every character on stage and then you realize later on that all of them were created from one woman's amazing performance."

Joe Firman, Bicknell Family Center for the Arts

"Ananda Bena-Weber is an extraordinary actor, dancer, and human being!  Her FANCIFOOL! characters are vivid and varied, and her presentations for elementary students were terrific!!"

Carolyn Dueal, Artcore Wyoming

"Fancifool! With Ananda Bena-Weber “is a brave piece of art and beautifully performed in every way.”

Adela Clara, Founder, Theatre Flamenco, (SF, CA)

From Critics:

“A graffiti artist, a janitor, and an ethnobotanist walk into a bar. They proceed to sing, dance, tell stories, mime. The punchline is a Venn diagram, a host of personalities, a flipbook of faces, a variety show, and they all belong to a single performer with a thousand disguises: Funny, beautiful, strange, sad, wonderful, whimsical Ananda Bena-Weber, who combines her background in dance and theater in her one-woman show Fancifool!”

Irene Hsiao, SF Weekly

“Ananda Bena-Weber’s “Fancifool” is a powerhouse.”

Nadia Ascencio,

“There is no disputing that she gives a star performance.”

Nadia Ascencio,

“A deeply gifted actor-dancer-comedienne”

Dany Margolies, editor, Arts In LA,

“Ananda Bena-Weber brings skill and magnetism to the stage”.

Jack Neal, Reno Gazette Journal

“Ananda Bena-Weber, an accomplished dancer of note, is just as at home as an actor. Her Ophelia was a tour de force of sweetness and love.”

Jack Neal, -Nevada Events

“Ms. Bena-Weber’s character is lively and intelligent, bristling with ideas and fire.”

Nancy Stetson, Florida Weekly