Fancifool! Kids

Join the Fancifool! gang to learn new things! As citizens of a democracy, it is our job to help make a good world! Let's use our imagination to think of the world we want to see! Let's think about what we want to be when we grow up! Let's learn about the environment and Nature and how we can help!  By standing up to bullies, by being kind, by being smart and trying our best, we can make the world a fun and happy place to be! Together!

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Fancifool: KIDS! Join the Fancifool! gang to learn new things!  

Fancifool: KIDS! is available as an interactive school assembly show or a regular stage show.  We customize it to your K-12 needs. Available in 3 different lengths 30 min, 45 min, or 1 hour. The show features a cultural segment, an environmental segment, and a jobs/civics segment. Choose from the topics list to create customized programming tailored toward your student body!

Topics list: Shakespeare and Poetry, Learning by practice (ex: Dance Styles), Everybody Learns Differently, Bullying, What To Do When I'm Sad, Democracy and Advanced Citizenship, Nature and The Environment, Jobs/Careers.

Fancifool: KIDS comes with free educational workshops. Choose the subjects from our workshop menu!

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